Explore UAE as Local

For many of us, travel is not just about seeing a place. It’s about the physical experience of being there. Getting under its skin and understanding what it’s like to live there or grow up there. When we try to move around a place like a local we broaden our horizons and open our minds to other ways of living.


Hidden valleys for a great hiking experience


Memorable safari routs known for locals


Beach activities around the mangroves

Are you ready to explore UAE


My name is Khamis; I have been traveling worldwide, exploring beautiful places on earth, and experiencing different cultures. This Journey has made me think that tourism in the UAE does not have a soul, especially commercialized tourism.

Therefore, I have decided to start this and help people visiting my country to experience the real beautiful places in the UAE and experience the local UAE culture, which you will love and enjoy.

This is not a commercial, and no fees or charges. Add me to Snapchat for more details.